Entries & Registration


PREFERENTIAL on line entries open at 08h00 on Friday 14 February 2014 (Valentine's Day) until 28 February 2014, for people on the 2013 W2W Database (which include the 2013 Waiting List). BOTH RIDERS MUST BE ON THE DATABASE.

PUBLIC on line entries open at 08h00 on Saturday 1 March 2014.

You can enter any of the 3 events. Once an event is fully subscribed, you will be put on THAT events' waiting list. You need to de-register from an events' waiting list if you want to enter another event.

Entries are allocated on a 1st come, 1st paid basis. NO ENTRIES ARE GUARANTEED!


Two Entry options are available in the W2W Adventure, W2W Ride or W2W Race:

1. R 9000 per team / R 4500 per rider, which INCLUDES tented accommodation (plus a mattress) and three meals (breakfast, 
lunch, dinner) at the Race Village;

2. R 8200 per team / R 4100 per rider, which EXCLUDES tented accommodation, but INCLUDES three meals per day at the Race Village;

NOTE: Accommodation on Thursday / Saturday evening (before the Adventure / Ride / Race starts) is not included in the Entry fee and riders must make own arrangements for accommodation on Thursday / Saturday evenings.


1. When entering, ensure that both riders personal details and CORRECT ID NUMBERS are captured;

2. You can pay online with a credit card. NOTE the payment options and limitations;

2.1. Only the 1st entrant can pay for both members / team;

2.2. If members chose to pay individually the 2nd Entrant must pay 1st (NOT the other way as Entry system won't allow it);

2.3. FULL Team payment must be done within FIVE days, if not, the Entry system will transfer the Team Entry to the Waiting List;

3. If you prefer making an EFT payment, contact the entry office for the details; and

4. Once entered, you will receive an email confirming your entry. If you have not received this mail, contact the entry office.

Adventure:   30 October 2014 at Lourensford Winery from 14h00 - 20h00
Ride:            2 November 2014 at Lourensford Winery from 14h00 - 20h00
Race:           6 November 2014 at Lourensford Winery From 14h00 - 20h00


Open Men 19+ OM
Open Women 19+ OW 
Open Mixed 19+ OX 
Sub Vet Men 30 - 39SV 
Sub Vet Women 30 - 39 SW
Vet Men 40 - 49 VM 
Vet Women 40+ VW 
Master Men 50+ MM 

Sub Vets 30 to 39 years old: 
both riders to be older than 30 and one rider to be between 30 and 39 on 31 Dec 2013
Vets  40-49: 
both riders to be older than 40 and one rider to be between 40 and 49 0n 31 Dec 2013
Masters 50+: 
both riders to be 50 or older on 31 Dec 2013.


Overall positions in Men, Women and Mixed Teams, as well as Overall in race, will be announced daily. 


A unique and beautiful mountain biking experience 
W2W Garment / bag 
All meals (please note that the breakfast on the morning of the start, is not a full breakfast but a Bokomo cereal and yoghurt breakfast with juice, tea, coffee and water)
WiFi available in the rider zone

Nashua Mobile charging unit (bring own chargers)